ClassifierSeparator (MTRA)

The classifier separator (MTRA) is a highly efficient pulses, rice and paddy cleaner. It removes coarse, fine, and light impurities. Its stroke and angle of throw can be adjusted to classify many different grains, seeds, and pulses.

Low vibration, low wear and tear

The floor beneath the classifier experiences little vibration thanks to a combination of a vibration motor and a counterweight. This also contributes to the reduction of noise and machine wear and tear.

Designed for minimal maintenance

The classifier has an automatic cleaning system that uses rubber balls. These constantly move over the screens and clean them during operation. There are also no lubrication points which reduces maintenance time.

Efficiently clean a wide variety of grains and products

You can adjust the machine’s stroke and its angle of throw to clean and classify a wide range of products including pulses, rice, paddy, grain and seeds.

Use to process pulses, rice, paddy, grain and seeds

The separator-classifier can be deployed for many different applications by adjusting its stroke, angle of throw, and screen inclination. You can use the machine to classify by-products, separate impurities from pulses, grains, and seeds. You can also clean, size, and grade pulses. The standard classifier has two sieve decks. One removes coarse impurities such as large kernels, string, straw, wood, stones, or clumps of soil. The second sieve removes finer impurities such as sand and breakages from the grain. You can add an optional aspiration channel or air-recycling aspirator to remove low-density particles such as dust, bran particles, or husks.