Screw Conveyor

The trough screw conveyor is used as a collecting or distributing conveyor. It is used to transport fine- and coarse-grained products such as grain, flours, and compound feed vertically or horizontally. The screw conveyor can be built for almost any application. It comes in modules so you can configure it according to your requirements and add the elements you need. Optional features include a trough inlet, gravity spouting, different types of connectors, and an intermediate outlet with a flap or a slide gate.

Drive Section
  • Coupling and shaft connect transmit motion to the subsequent screw conveyors.
  • Hanger provides support, maintain alignment and serve as bearing surface.
  • Trough and conveyor completely enclose the material being conveyed and the rotating parts.
  • Cost effective device for moving bulk materials.
  • Compact and easily adapted to congested locations.
  • Can be used to mix, blend or agitate while conveying.
  • Can be employed in a horizontal or inclined installation.
Types of Screw Conveyors
  • Paddle screw conveyors.
  • Multi screw conveyors.
  • Zero speed limit switch.
  • Over flow safety switch.
  • Service platform or catwalk.

The trough screw conveyor is designed for horizontal or slightly inclined transport. It is well designed for efficient and reliable handling of powders and granular bulk material in industrial plant. It is dust proof modular steel construction. The trough not only confines and guides the flow of material, but also serves as the housing in which all operation components are supported and held together in their proper functional relationship. The simple design has a tremendous amount of capability as well as configurations.